What is pitchNEHST?

PitchNEHST is the access point for all content proposed to NEHST Studios. The general public and pros alike can register concepts with us and send in an application to submit materials. We accept virtual pitches online and require a signed release before we will read any work. NEHST holds live pitch sessions in groups and one on one, as well as participating in other events and festivals.

Who are you and why are you doing this?

NEHST Studios produces feature films, television, and internet projects. It was founded by Oscar-winning producer Larry Meistrich ("Sling Blade," "You Can Count on Me," "Belly," "Croupier.") and a team of seasoned industry execs. NEHST is funded to produce a major slate of projects and has domestic and international distribution. We are doing this because Larry thinks the industry has been closed to new talent for too long, and that some of the best thinking comes from outside the traditional sources.

"I'm Larry Meistrich. I've produced almost a hundred feature films including Billy Bob Thornton's Sling Blade, You Can Count on Me with Mark Ruffalo and Laura Linney, Belly with DMX, Nas and Method Man and the upcoming feature documentary Running America. We've just started a major new studio called NEHST. We've closed a large film fund, and we're financed to produce and distribute pictures, TV, and Internet projects.

I've never felt like the traditional Hollywood system gave people a fair chance so lots of talented people stand outside the doors and never get to show their work. That's why we created PITCH NEHST to accept new ideas in all media, new scripts, finished films to distribute, and learn about talent of any kind. You don't need an agent, a lawyer, or a relative in the business. Follow the instructions, prepare your pitch and send it in. There's a nominal ten dollar fee that goes to cover website overhead and admin costs.

I've already made deals with numerous people who attended my Pitch Sessions, Aspiring Filmmakers Bootcamp workshops and online here at pitchNEHST. Rafi Marcus, a student at University of Miami, got a deal to produce an original webisode and video series. Jamie Eschricht and his partner John Infantino pitched their kids sports series Dribble Kick Throw on this site and a pilot has been shot. More deals will be announced in the press soon, and others are in the works.

We're looking for anyone who has a great idea - on paper or in a short video. If you have a finished film and want distribution, our team will review it. If you're a cameraman, editor, musician or actor pitch your work too. If you're an actor, check out screentest.biz. Watch this site for notices about what we want to be pitched on. I'll be doing a series of PITCH NEHST LIVE sessions where you get to pitch in person - just check the schedule. I look forward to seeing your work."