Nehst Studios actively produces projects pitched online and in live events, as well as hiring talented participants in Nehst workshops.



LILITH - a supernatural thriller pitched to Nehst, is in production. Filmmaker Sridhar Reddy originally brought us his epic Indian martial arts film Killing Moon. Nehst is producing that film, and Sridhar is putting the finishing touches on his unique supernatural thriller Lilith - to be shot in Cleveland

Feed My Team

FEED MY TEAM Gourmet chef Steve Schmoeller pitched Nehst a reality show where famous athletes cook dinner for their teammates. A pilot was shot and is nearing completion.

Dribble Kick Throw

DRIBBLE KICK THROW "Little Rascals with Sports" was pitched by Jamie Eschricht. Nehst cast the project through and the pilot is now being presented to brands and others interested in producing the series.

How'd They Do It?

HOW'D THEY DO IT? A web series about breaking into the film business, for Mountain Dew directed by Nehst Bootcamp attendees the Carberry Twins.


Running America

RUNNING AMERICA is a feature length documentary about a cross-country ultramarathon that coincided with the presidential election pitched by Charlie Engle.

It's directed by Kevin Kerwin and produced by Kate O'Neil - two Bootcamp participants who pitched us their work.

Article 32

Article 32 is an intriguing documentary featuring members of the "Pendleton 8" military men caught up in the investigation of an unusual death in Iraq.


41 is the heartbreaking and mysterious story of a talented teenager who was killed in the Rhode Island club fire. His friends and family are convinced Nicky is communicating with them from another plane every time the encounter the number 41.

Mayor of Strawberry Fields

MAYOR OF STRAWBERRY FIELDS is a documentary about homeless artist who presides over the John Lennon memorial in New York's Central Park.

Faded Glory

FADED GLORY a true documentary story of a group of aging athletes, good friends for over 18 years, who never gave up the dream of playing baseball at a competitive level.

The Making of Plus One

The Making of Plus One with Kate, Cate and George The Story of a Hollywood Nobody presents a hilarious look behind the scenes of the independent film industry. The film follows hopeful director Skye Brown (Suzan Lori Parks) and conniving producer Dave Dallas (Michael Eklund) as they skip through a variety of meetings at the Cannes Film Festival, trying to finance their picture.

Rag Tale

Rag Tale is set in the coke and caffeine fuelled world of tabloid newspapers, 
where internecine politics are the stuff of sensational headlines. RAG TALE chronicles a week in the life of a tabloid newspaper in contemporary London. Its tyrannical chairman and obsequious editor (who is also sleeping with the chairman's wife!) battle for political supremacy, using staff journalists as pawns in the power games they play out in the pages of the press.


Inconceivable Dr Jackson Charles Freeman (Colm Feore) takes ten patients per batch at his highly progressive and internationally acclaimed Las Vegas clinic. He cycles them efficiently to calendar match so they undergo more or less the same procedure at the same time. Nine months previous to the cycle under investigation at a Los Angeles Arbitration, the ART guru may wish he hadn't taken such a personal interest in one particular female patient when it emerges that the inconceivable seems to have occurred – it would appear from photographic evidence that he may have fathered every child conceived during that cycle.


INTERVENTION offers a fly-on-the-wall bitter-sweet glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors when an eclectic group of people drawn from all walks of life find themselves under one roof for twenty-eight days with one thing in common – addiction. Those who are affected or influenced rather than being "under the influence," suffer the consequences of addiction just as much as the addict being treated. INTERVENTION exposes the reality of that crazy world where disorders of dysfunction - the "3-Ds" (drink, drugs and depression) are dealt with.

The Song of the Little Road

The Song of the Little Road Satyajit Ray's masterpiece the Apu Trilogy is widely considered one of the most important works in cinema history. In 1992, Ray was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Oscar. But when film-preservationist David Sheppard volunteered to go to Bengal, he found the original negatives in a terrible state. "It's hard to think of another world-class filmmaker", says Sheppard, "whose oeuvre hangs by such a thin thread!" The Song of the Little Road tells the story of how a master's body of work came so close to disintegration, and why Ray's films move audiences so deeply across time and cultural boundaries. Three icons – director Martin Scorsese, producer Ismail Merchant, and music composer Ravi Shankar – illustrate stirringly what makes a masterpiece.

Hip Hop Holiday Jam Session '09

Hip Hop Holiday Jam Session '09 NEHST presents Hip-Hop Holiday Jam Session, a celebrity packed concert in San Bernadino, California that showcased the stars of West Coast Hip-Hop, performances by Nipsey Hussle, Glasses Malone, Mack 10, Too Short, Baby Bash, Mann, Suga Free, LAX Boys, and behind the scenes footage before and after the concert.


Nehst Projects

Projects pitched which are not ready for production, but have strong potential may be developed to get to the point where a Greenlight decision can be made. Nehst has projects in development in a number of genres, including science fiction, sports, drama, comedy, non fiction and reality.