How to Pitch

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What kind of work can I pitch you?

We are looking for feature film ideas. We will accept treatments, and complete scripts. We will accept a premise and synopsis, but should we want further information we will likely ask you to show us a script relatively soon.

How to pitch:

  1. 1. Go to
  2. 2. Submit your idea
  3. 3. Complete the application, provide consent, and submit the administrative fee.
  4. 4. Upload your materials. We prefer PDF and .doc files.
  5. 5. Let us review it
  6. 6. You will get an email response.

How do I protect my work?

We recommend you register your work with the Writers Guild of America

and with the US Copyright Office

Why are you asking me if I own the rights?

We really don't want to see it if you don't own it and have the right to sell it. If your work is based on another copyrighted work, or portrays real people we will ask you to show agreements that you are allowed to use the material.

What if I have a finished film?

We will evaluate projects, on a limited basis, that are in need of completion. Pitch your completed film for distribution the same way everyone submits scripts.

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